I am going to start keeping a list of my quotes...

Click photo to enlarge. Do it..do it now.

I always day dream that late night talk show hosts interview me... a voice of the people.... or the newscasters... Julie on the Street... what do they want? They want quotes form me. Julie-isms if you will...


The segments would wrap up a brief interview with me and a quote that people would remember... and possibly add into their artwork one day... Better yet, I would end up on "thinkexist" every time you Google for a certain type of quote..


Of course, most of them would be funny.... I'm not a rocket scientist... and for the critics, beforehand.. I really don't have anything important to say. I'll admit that... But I do have plenty TO say.... so it's only natural there are Julie Quotations.


I wonder if there is a widget I can upload to the blog.. instead of quotes from famous people, I can load it with my own.. Someone should make that.

Did you see my pals video yesterday? We're having quite the fun time... working... but it's still fun!

Have some fun!