Princess Posse and the Tomato Vampire


I thought I would never see the day... In fact, I strongly discouraged the purchasing of any licensed character paraphernalia during my daughter's baby shower.. However, Princess fever has hit our household. It started with a DVD I think.... and on a recent trip to Orlando, my husband brought home what might as well have been a bag full of flawless diamonds....behold: the princess figurines.

This isn't all of the ladies... there are more. I think the set includes all of them.. I can't tell you their names... But know this: at any moment, in my house, I can break into "princess song"... You know... imagine Princess Aurora singing in the forest before she falls asleep... that's me. All to the delight of the Bubble Teacher who yells, "Sing Mommy, SING!!"

So the daily run down: Princess song, reading a new book, looking at the blooms in the garden, watching little baby birds chirp at their moms..doing that fluttering, flapping thing that babies cute... until one of them sets their sights on my tomato plant...

Vampires. Under the cover of darkness they strike.. long pointed beaks I am sure... sucking the life out of my tomatoes, one at a time... I don't see any birds looking at my plant during the day... but certainly someone is watching them like a hawk..waiting for the perfect shade of red... ready to suck out all of the organic juice goodness... oh well... I do enjoy the song of those birds every morning...