Making it mine... all mine.

Gpp 31

A topic close to my heart... I struggle with this sometimes to the point of obsession... I want things to have my own spin on them, and I don't want to be like everyone else.. It didn't happen overnight.


Countless pages of frustration in my art journal at the beginning... mine didn't look as good as hers, I can't get my paint to do that... No one will ever like this crap...


Boo hoo hoo.. until one day, I don't remember when, I made something I really liked... and you know? It didn't look like her page... I didn't use the paper she used... I made it my own. I was happy.


So I knew this was my style coming out... tired of hiding under the false style of another artist... she was here. I have to spread the word!


I abandoned tutorials... I stopped reading instructions on bottles and potions... and I was free! You can do it too, friends.... feel the wind in your hair! Errr...paint brush.

There is a lot of time to join in on the Street Team this Crusade! Stop over Michelle's inspiring blog to take a look...make it your own!