Artist Thoughts: Continental Breakfast

Artist Thoughts: Continental Breakfast

I welcome the continental breakfast.. I welcome the familiarity of it, the coffee… the sweet carbs. “Continental Breakfast” the art is just the same. It is happy, it is comfortable, and it makes you smile.

When I was younger (before my mother burned my childhood house down…but that’s another story), there was a navy colored recliner, a rust colored love seat and matching wall paper that was selected out of one of those 84 pound binders that my mom seemed to sort through every week while I sat in complete boredom in the random paint store of the week. The pieces in that room were selected with the utmost scrutiny and they remained there in the living room for many many years. They matched everything that came and went accessory wise.. they never went out of style (well, maybe the wallpaper did).

The furniture was easy. This painting is easy…and it will match almost everything that you put together with it. I think that is exactly how art should be. Easy.

I wonder as I type this, do the color patterns and combinations that we live with as a child impact our design choices when we are older? I think they do. I feel like my mother has great taste…it’s timeless and classic… and I think my style has been greatly influenced by her.

“Continental Breakfast” 18x18x1.5”  Available Here  (Original Painting on Wood Panel)

“Continental Breakfast” 18x18x1.5” Available Here (Original Painting on Wood Panel)