New Art New Class

I’m breaking down four surefire ways to accomplish excellent composition in your artwork in my new online workshop, “Composition Collective”. I’ve got some really awesome video put together for you…I think its my best video yet! I think that over the years, we begin to hear students in our heads…. I know what you may ask me about each lesson, so on camera, I’ll live trouble-shoot with you while making 4 awesome abstract paintings. If making 4 paintings is not for you, you can purchase the two-painting “mini” class (which is still packed full of awesomeness) and if you decide to paint all four samples with me, shoot me an email and I will charge you the difference. See? Easy. Shown below is one of the paintings we will work with:

“Gold Rush” 18x18x1.5”  Available to purchase … or to make .

“Gold Rush” 18x18x1.5” Available to purchaseor to make.

I hear it all the time…seriously.. “Julie- yours are the best online classes”….that means so much to me! I teach tangible, art lessons…no magic…no smoke and mirrors… I think you’ll love this class. Here is the promo video for the online mixed media class “Composition Collective”:

I hope to see you in painting class!