art journal page dated 2007; justjohanna rubber stamps

I did it all. I sat. I stared. I shopped. I cleaned. I shopped some more. I interwebbed... I read some magazines. I shopped some more. When I thought I was ready to sit down and make some art, I cleaned again. Reorganized. I procrastinated some more. This went on for about 2 months.

Two nights ago I threw away about 3 trash cans full of junk that I saved and never got around to using. The studio is lighter. Brighter. I like it this way. Yesterday my friend Manny came over for Art Camp. Manny is creative... we sat all day and into the night working in our art journals.... I filled a book with background backbones and I am ready to go now. I'll start posting new's been so long since I worked in a journal. I miss it!

Speaking of art journaling...take a look at this page I found while cleaning.. 2007.. Wow...what a different road I am going down now! I found another page with kitties on it. Kitties.

See you Friday.