I am in love again with my process of art journaling! Look at that book... I think it winked back at me.

And the updates:

Online workshops: Why an online workshop vs. DVD? Simple. Our workshops have two instructors standing by to help you at all times. You can post a question and we come right along to answer you. Every time. No time limits...PLUS you get access to all of the other hundreds of dialogues that take place with the other students in your class. Virtual classroom. No joke. Take a look at our affordable lineup. Open all summer long.

Artists for Respect: Read our page yet? We love it when we see our button hosted on your site....we also love to see you on our facebook page. Take a moment to upload a picture or link to something you made YOUR OWN on facebook for the community to see!

Original Art Giveaway! Want to win some paintings? Winner announced tomorrow. Leave a comment HERE to enter.

The Pulse: Seth's newest update of the online artists super survey starts 7/2. Click on the badge on my sidebar to get into the spirit.

Now...where did I put that journal?