Wearing a Suit to Work?

mixed media on Tyvek

My daughter picked up a glitter bottle of nail polish at the Beauty Supply the other day.. I have to admit, it looks awesome and I am tempted to paint my nails in glitter...but for some reason, part of me feels that it would not be "professional" to paint glitter on my fingernails. I didn't want to admit this, but another part of me felt like wearing a suit the other day here.

I don't have a "job".. I'm an artist now. Working for myself. Maybe I could be the only photographer in San Diego who goes to shoots in a suit. Nah..not practical. Last weekend I was running through brush on a photo shoot. I do still like the idea of wearing a suit though. One day. I keep telling myself I will go back to "work" when I am older..but I am having a lot of fun teaching art and taking pictures. The funny thing is that the "suit" tortured me when I "had" to wear it.

Got any wild ideas like wearing a suit for no reason lately? Humor me.


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