What Are We Doing in Mixed Media Melange?

We're doing a little of everything and a lot of really cool stuff! This image was made using both class samples and projects that Chris Cozen and I made using the techniques taught in this workshop...there are so many possibilities...and the color! This class will perk you up for sure.

I thought I would take the time to answer some frequently asked questions about my online teaching network. Here goes:

Downloading: You don't have to download very much in my network. I arrange everything so that it is hosted for you. You won't use up all the space in your hard-drive saving the videos. You can come into the network anytime, watch them over and over as many times as you like.

I don't have time for a workshop: We understand how busy life is! That's why once you pay for any of our workshops, you're in that workshop forever. No time limits. Take some workshop now, take a little later. Really!

My last teacher was not around to help: I'm sorry...please know that Chris and I are in our network several times every day. We have so many students tell us how fast and helpful we are; that makes us happy. We want to make you happy too! You're going to get the help you need most of the time within a couple of hours or in the worst case scenario, within 24 hours. (I don't think anyone has ever waited 24 hours for  help from us.)

Internet Connection: Yes, you do need a high-speed internet connection for the class.

Hearing Impaired: Welcome! We give all students a comprehensive (beautiful!) PDF package with each video. You can watch the video and follow along in the PDF. There is no background music in Mixed Media Melange.

PDF: Our PDF reads like a book..and looks like a book you would buy, frankly! We spend a lot of time capturing screen shots of video and placing color photos into the handouts. After class, you can bind the PDF and have your own mini-book to keep! The class PDF for Mixed Media Melange is 30 pages!

How many minutes of video do I get for my money? Seeing this claim by other artists bothers me a bit. Without taking the class, you don't know their editing style and frankly, seeing a gazillion minutes of video listed in a class doesn't mean it's quality content. You will watch Chris and I complete several projects start to finish in this class. The videos are professionally edited for content..and if I am doing something repetitive, I don't show it every time I do it. Does that make sense? There is no need for you to block out 4 hours a day to complete the lessons. The video content can usually be completed in 20 minutes per lesson..most of the time even less...but you will get excellent CONTENT in every video. Our videos are all uploaded and ready to go too! You won't be waiting for us to write lessons during class....we run on time..every time.

Where is the class? We host the entire network inside one NING network. It's similar to My Space or Spacebook, but it's totally private, for paying students only. We're a friendly bunch and there are friends waiting for you! How much you participate in that network is up to you. We encourage everyone to post questions in the network and read the replies to other students..that's how you maximize you class! Everyone learns together.

About Class Pricing: Some of our classes are only $49, and some of them are $59. We price the classes LESS than what we charge for in person classes because we are not there with you. However, we make every effort through taking pictures, uploading photos and writing text to answer your questions to make it as close to an actual classroom environment as possible. The online classes contain SO MUCH MORE than what you would learn in one all day class...and when was the last time you paid only $59 for an all day workshop?

We're here to help you learn about art. That's the bottom line. Join us and see for yourself! We'll change how you feel about online learning.

Please click here to register and to find out more about this super fun workshop!

See you in class!