Oh Lordy...

Well....we are half way through refinishing our wood floors, while living in the house. Period.

Cocktail Attaire.jpg

Therefore, we are all packed into half of the house....and you can imagine what it looks like around here furniture wise... I need to get rid of paintings. There is just too much.

Exposed 2.jpg

I'm posting daily on Instagram... you can find me there..  The studio is torn up, and I am having trouble deciding if I want to put it back up when this is finished in a couple of weeks. (We had to do two phases, much to my delight.)

In the meantime, you can look here at my paintings....they are all really low in price now! Don't forget, if the site over charges you for shipping (and it probably will), I always refund the difference back to you.

Rich. Layered. Gallery ready art. What are you waiting for? ;)