What's Your Favorite Color?

What's Your Favorite Color?

There is a line in the movie Elf, when Buddy answers the phone and says. "Buddy the Elf...What's your favorite color?" that is hysterical... I found the clip on Youtube:

In our house, we laugh out loud every time we see that clip.

Recently when I remodeled my art studio, I did a lot of organizing and condensing of paint. Years ago, I would envy those who seemed to have every color of paint... and I would frequently purchase new colors that I did not have. As my painting style evolved, I know there is a small assortment of colors that I use much more than others...and a small assortment of colors that I most use for mixing my frequently used palette. I've given up replacing every color than runs out, unless it's in my "core" group of colors.

I love working with blues...because there are so many of them! When I work with blue, it is easy for me to create rich, layered backgrounds. Painting with blues is a no-brainer..they all work so lovely together. My favorite shade of the moment is Cerulean Blue Deep, followed closely by the classic Prichard favorite, Prussian Blue Hue.

I have a love-hate relationship with the golds.. To me, they are so difficult to mix..actually, they are not difficult to mix, I should say it is difficult for me to create brain-to-canvas while using golds. It seems that Raw Sienna is at the top of my list in this category, but you will also see me reaching for Yellow Ochre a lot too.

Down at the other end of my paint line up is the red category.. Hardly ever used. I can say that I am beginning to use pinks in my work, and oranges are appealing too... but the current group of reds is not cutting it. I've recently branched out into the cadmiums and some pre-mixed magenta colors in the Golden heavy body line-up.. I can't list my favorites yet because I have not worked with them enough... but I am getting there. I'll keep you posted.