It's a good thing..

I'm really excited to have a show hanging in my neighborhood's the neighborhood where I grew it's pretty special! I am able to offer some of the same artwork that I offered at my big time gallery show for a lot less now because the current gallery is taking so much less commission from my sales.. that feels really really good.

"Untitled 02" 30x40" Mixed Media on gallery canvas, available now.

"Untitled 02" 30x40" Mixed Media on gallery canvas, available now.

I appreciate you, dear readers so much... I know you can't travel all the way to San Diego for the show..but something as simple as a comment on my Facebook page or a like on Instagram really means a lot to me... it really motivates me to keep creating! If you follow me on Instagram...PLEASE let me know there....that way I can follow you too!

I've put up another little sale on online workshops for you.. For a limited time you can check out the "8 Great Paintings" workshop for only $99.99 (you make EIGHT paintings in that workshop!!) and the "Layer Love v2.0" online workshop for only $69.99! Click here for more info.


PS- that cover photo...of the cliffs overlooking Torrey Pines State Beach? I took it with my beautiful!!