My Inspiration

My Inspiration

I started painting because large, decorative, pieces of art like the one shown above are not..and have never been in my budget. It was the on-set of my extreme case of "do-it-yourself-itis" back in 2008. I remember some bloggers that I friended at that time... and we would correspond...and I would ask them simple questions like, "Ohh..what color is that?" And I even asked an old friend, "How do you put the paint on the brush?" Which to this day, seems like a very valid question to me.

Getting the paint onto the canvas was another story... That took time for me to learn.. I like to say that I think I have a pretty good handle on that now.. These images from online catalogues... the decor... it's how I envision my paintings to be hung. I like large canvases; abstract color...mostly neutral tones... now...if I could only figure out how to make that furniture and those least I've got the walls covered.

How about you? Why did you start to paint...and how do you like to hang your art?

Looking for tutorials on how to paint like this? All of the Mixed Media Express online workshops teach paintings in this style.. as well as the Layer Love v2.0 Online workshop! A small price for education....turn it around and make art for your home and to sell!

Catalogue images: Ballard designs.