Listen to the planets. My family is out of town; I call Katie. Katie comes down and I declare that after we finish up a little work, we need to find a "festival". Katie and I have a history of festival attendance. We visited the Italian festival in 2010, landed in the middle of the LGBT parade in 2011, and today... when I told Katie to Google San Diego festivals....Pride. Today. It was a off we went.


We're walking away from today with a few life lessons:

1. I must find a fanny pack that contains a speaker and microphone STAT.

2. It pays to tweet food places on Twitter. I am up to $50 in free food this year.

3. Everyone is happy at Pride.. The smiles are contagious.

4. Katie and I don't need a mob to have a flash mob.

Love you, Tote.

Katie and I wanted to have a webcast like old times...but my jaw is in bad shape..hurts to talk. We'll be back on the air-waves soon....