Photo by Jill Zaheer

I'm lagged. Don't know if it is from the jet, the sights, the thrill of meeting so many people..... Last Saturday I spoke at Seth Apter's artist panel for his new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media. I don't like speaking about myself (hence, my no interview policy), but I did enjoy the back and forth with the panelists and attendees. It was great!

Photo courtesy of Jill Zaheer; pictured top left: Julie Prichard, Karen Cole, Jeri, Jill Zaheer, Seth Apter and Roxane Evans Stout.

The day with Seth was short, but I had a blast with Michelle Ward on Saturday. Yah, it was pretty much the "Grand Tour"...exactly how I tour people when they visit me in San Diego- fast, furious and fun. REFRESHING.

Special shout out to my friend, Alicia. She's not an artist..I don't have many art friends in San Diego.. but when I said, "Hey- you wanna go to New York for an art panel?" She, without hesitation, said, YES. Golden. We were travel warriors. Checking in everywhere so our husbands and friends could follow us around. We saw everything we wanted to see. Our motto for the long weekend was, "In it to win it" and when our feet were bloodied and our sinus' were jacked up, we kept going...walking miles in the rain in the middle of the night for Lobster Rolls...even AFTER we had eaten dinner that night. En fuego. She's the best.

Special shout outs to my my online friends who are now in person friends JeriAnn Geller and Laura Khoudari. JeriAnn gave us a great foot tour for a few hours on Friday and Laura took us to a fantastic locals restaurant on Friday guys are the best!

More pictures coming soon!