A different kind of week..

Things 'to do' pile up quickly around here. My husband took vacation last week and I asked him to paint the exterior front of our house. What we thought was a couple of day job, soon turned into a 6 day job..the pressure washing, sanding, patching, priming, painting, cutting in and out of all those boards...my respect for "painters" greatly increased. After I realized that he was going to be painting much longer than we planned, I put my art aside and joined in the cause. We did end up hiring a local painter for 8 hours of work...to get us out of the "dumps"..but the satisfaction of having saved so much money and having essentially done this ourselves is totally worth it. I keep looking at the house...I can't believe we tackled such a huge project together.

The "nesting instinct" was huge last week...I also had the chimney cleaned, carpets cleaned, and bought the fire wood. I am ready for fall! I am also looking forward to relaxing. Feels good to have so many things out of the way.

Last night I watched Annie Leibovitz's movie, "Life Through a Lens".Inspiring. Beautiful. Awesome. Watch it!

I wanted to thank everyone for the awesome support on my last post! It means so much to me that you popped in to visit on that day!