Where does the time go? I had every intention of sitting down and working on something creative.. of course that is out the window. Christmas came and went with much happiness and gratitude this year. I was not creative in my art studio, but I was able to cook and decorate to keep my creative energy sparked.

Mixing business and art is difficult...I won't lie and tell you that everything is a dream come true over here. I won't complain either. My personality drives me to work and work...and "fun" takes a back seat. With everything I do, i want to make sure that it is bigger and better than the last thing I did..so that pressure is always there even though I tell myself to take it easy.

I have piles of video sitting here and I have not started the editing process yet..and that was planned. My daughter is home from school and we are taking it day by day..playing, writing thank you cards and exploring. She had a great time making Christmas cookies with me this year..I was surprised that she stuck it out 4.5 hours in the kitchen! And then she developed this model pose and I fell out of my chair:

So...just where does the time go? She's almost 5 years old and it seems like I was holding her in my arms just yesterday.

I hope you had a relaxing holiday.....spending time with your family and loved ones. Don't let time get away from you.