There were 39 artists who answered our call...


JeriAnn approached me last winter and asked if I wanted "in" on a very special collaboration. When I heard the plan, I knew what had to be done. Shortly thereafter, we enlisted Agent Lisa to help with the planning.

We sent out secret emails, arranged drop off dates and locations, and made art with one intended purpose: To help our friend through the difficult one year anniversary of her sister's passing... I think we did what anyone would do.... I really do.

So we collected pages, sent secret spy communication and stitched up one heck of a special book. "Portable hugs"...


The quote I used for one side of my page stuck with me.. I think it speaks for itself..

Of course, hugs to Michelle, and huge thank yous to all of the secret agents who made this book possible! To see all of the pages click here.

edit: Thank you, Jenny and Johanna!