10x7 journal page: spray paint through cross stitch grid, hand cut stencil, paint, vintage sheet music, pen.

Happy Earth day! Don't just stop at today- make it Earth year or Earth LIFE. Re-use...stop buying those huge slabs of pattern paper.. make your own. Buy less. Spend less. Reduce waste. Ask questions.

Time for a quick tutorial? How about making a custom "brush" in photoshop using your signature? Here's how:

  1. Write your signature onto a sheet of white paper (scrap paper will do; how about the junk mail?)
  2. Scan your signature into your computer and then open using photoshop. (I am using CS3..someone try this with elements, I am pretty sure it will work.)
  3. Once the signature is open in your photo editing program, use the magic wand to erase the white background (click the wand and then press the delete key to delete the highlighted areas you want to erase):
  4. Signaturemagicwand_copy

  5. After you have erased the background, use the rectangular marquee tool to highlight the signature.
  6. Click edit, then "define brush preset".
  7. Definebrushpreset

  8. Viola! Your signature will now be in your brush palette! Ready to add to all of your art work.


Have fun!