Have some fun today!


Here's page 'b' from the previously posted preview. I really like these pages, I hope you do too! I journaled sentimental sentiments on this page, so I'm too bashful to show the completed page.

Monday was a fun day, that could have easily been a disaster! Heather and I met at the crack of dawn with the intention of going to a big swapmeet in Oceanside. The meet advertised that it was open on "holiday Mondays". LIARS! When we met there, it looked as if there had not been a swap meet held in that location for several months.

Stranded without a computer at the crack of dawn many many many miles from home is no fun. Luckily, we we able to drive a short distance to Johanna's house for a little justjohanna fun (read: work). We also got to see Johanna's new botique and hit one of my all time favorite places: Yardage Town; wherein there was a 50% off holiday sale! Hooray- a great day afterall!!

I always pick up fabric...but I never use it. My collection is getting pretty large now, so maybe one day soon I'll put it to the machine.


Thank you for coming by! See you tomorrow!