Sometimes I feel like I am in a cage...


The apartment is getting to me. Sometimes when I am able to get out for a couple of hours, I feel like I got a taste of the good life and it is hard to come back in here. I guess this is what a prison inmate feels like after recess.

Yesterday I was at Johanna's house and she was showing me muy delicioso vintage ephemera treats and it reminded me of my vintage ephemera....packed away, in a box, lonely and cold. Before we moved I had stock piled so many beautiful finds. I have to keep reminding myself that this situation is only temporary.. I'll be able to find my pretties once again soon.

Oh- the Sweepstakes criteria for the bonus prize has been met! I'll be heading out to pick up the Dick Blick GIft Certificate as soon as it stops raining (afterall, I may either melt or a house might fall on me if I go out in a storm.) I'll tabulate the results and announce the winner of the contest on Monday. Thank you to everyone who played along! If you you still have not entered, you have until midnight tonight to enter. Be forwarned though: take the time to read through the entires. If you mention a duplicate blog link it's curtains for you! And entry per person..please don't try and be sneaky by listing a bunch of blogs in your comment per person so I don't have to decipher wich one is your official entry.

Cheers for now!