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Julie Prichard

Complex Collage Online Workshop

Complex Collage Online Workshop


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Chris Cozen and I are pleased to announce the details of our workshop, “Complex Collage”. Not just any ordinary collage workshop…take a look at some of the topics you will learn: Composition, shape, line, movement, background painting, transfer techniques, all about mediums with tips, tricks, techniques and support all along the way! Annnnnddd more!

This online workshop is called “Complex Collage” because we will be teaching you how to make your ordinary collage art more complex. No prior collage experience is necessary! It’s time to step your art up to the next level. You will be creating unique, meaningful collage in no time! If you are already keen to collage, you will not be bored!

Chris and I will be teaching you how to create 4 projects start to finish. We’re giving you a PDF that looks like it came from a publishing house, HD video and free ephemera to get you started.  

There is never a time limit on any Land of Lost Luggage online workshops and the instructors for the workshops will always be available to help you. Work at your leisure!

Class Supply List:

Collage Ephemera, including but not limited to: Tissue paper, pretty papers (the thinner the weight the better), old book pages, copyright free images, etc. Copies should be toner based (no ink jet copies).

Acrylic paints (Fluid Acrylics recommended vs. heavy body or tube paints.)

Gel Medium (We recommend Golden, Soft Gel Gloss, but will cover all adhesive mediums in class.)

Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss) – optional but highly recommended

Paint brushes

Palette knife or old credit card

House paint brush (Found in home improvement stores, a cheap brush you would use to paint the wall with.)

Three Substrates: In class we will be using one 9x12” sheet of heavy watercolor paper, one 12x12” wood panel and one 8x8” Gallery Wrapped canvas. You can use any combination of substrates you would like however at least one of them must be either wood or canvas panel.

Sandwich Paper- NOT waxed paper..justone or two sheets. Try and see if you can get a couple from your localdeli.. or a restaurant supply place will sell you 1000 sheets of it forabout $9 or so. 

Foam stamps, texture making supplies, cosmetic sponges, biscuit cutters (We will cover all of these in class. Gather what you have and wait to see if you plan to buy anything.)

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Run time approx. 288 minutes.

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