Julie Prichard
Julie Prichard

Tired of missing great shots with your DSLR?

Do you spend a lot of time online wondering how to make your photos look like your favorite photographers?

Does the instruction manual for your DSLR make you break out in hives?

Want to learn photoshop?

I can help!

Lighting, Composition, Flash, Photoshop, Group Shots, Red-Eye....Every topic you can think of! Think of me as your Professional Photography Coach!

I'm a multi-media artist with over ten years of experience shooting in the digital format. As a professional photographer, I have photographed many clients in different settings...from the super easy shoots to the most difficult situations, I have learned how to adjust to capture each moment beautifully. What's else? I am also a teacher.

I have created, filmed, edited and developed online art classes for over 1000 students worldwide, selling over 2,340 classes online in the last couple of years. Students return to learn with us because our format is easy to understand and we love to teach.

Photography classes are expensive. Some of them cost well over $500 and you may leave that class not learning everything you had on your mind. In my teaching format, I will answer the questions you ask me specifically. I can work with you in your own home or on location.

If you're shooting with your DSLR on "full-auto" or the "green" mode...then these sessions are for you. I can help you learn to shoot like a pro...and I will not bombard you with difficult "tech-talk".

Our sessions will last 2 hours. The sessions are one-on-one and tailored to your specific needs as a photographer. At the end of your session, I will provide you with a written handout of what we spoke about during the session- everything will be tailored to your needs. No two sessions will be alike.

Each 2 hour, one-on-one session costs $179, including your specific lesson in written format emailed to you when we are finished. (A 50% deposit is required to book your session.)

After I receive your deposit, I will contact you so that we can arrange a time to meet!

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