Julie Prichard
Julie Prichard

Custom Consultation Sessions

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You have questions, I have answers!

There are a lot of moving parts when writing and publishing online workshops! Teaching online since 2009, I have been through a lot of technology changes and have developed what I think is the easiest and best way for one person to host online workshops. I am happy to help you understand the process!

Customers schedule the Consultation Session with me to see if they are interested in pursuing online workshops on their own.

I am available to help you with questions regarding a variety of topics, including:

How to write a workshop

How to film a workshop

Where to host videos for your workshops

How to collect money from your customers

Logistics in managing a student population

Website development

Password protected content

Distributing digital goods

Producing Product Images

Digital Handouts

If you have a specific area that is not on this list, please feel free to email me before booking your session so that I can make sure we are a good fit business-wise.

(The consultation session is a conference call where you can ask me questions and get a good understanding on how you too can create online workshops. This is not a contract for me to perform any of the aforementioned tasks for you.)

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