Julie Prichard
Julie Prichard

Here is some of the feedback we have received from our Mixed Media Melange online workshop:

From Hengemeh:

Thank you Chris & Julie for this wonderful journey. I enjoyed every lesson and your support. Thank you for making us to practice on what we love and opening new ways to look and think about materials we are using in our art. Looking forward to see other workshops from you wonderful ladies. From bottom of my heart thak you for everything.

From Sarah S.:


From Judy S.

BRAVO!!!  Thank you both so much for a great ride here.  I haven't had (made) any time for art too much lately, but I have definitely been inspired to create some ideas from these lessons.  Just great.  Since it is the weekend of the Oscars, I nominate you both for Best Art Lessons... and the winner is...........

From Emie E.

Thank you Julie and Chris!!!!  I finished watching all of the videos today but I'm not quite caught up with the projects. I LOVE the vinyl and Tyvek projects the best... mostly b/c they are so unique.  Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!