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The Word on the Street

Julie PrichardComment

Here's what some of our students are saying about the Complex Collage online workshop:


From Cindy L.

Beautiful PDF! I can't wait to see the whole thing, put together. I'm off for a day with my Hubby, but will do the homework assignment when I get home this evening. Thanks again for all your hard work -- both of you! -- in putting this series together.


From Jill

Ladies....THIS is going to save me a ton of $$....I have always wondered "what the heck is the difference....glue is glue" HA!! Now I GET it...The analogies are also VERY helpful. Being that I have ADD it helps me GET it!


From Vicky P

Thank you for all the good information and fun videos!


From Jean Z

wow you two...what a fantastic class. thank you so much for all the personal attention, professional techniques and fabulous videos!! i loved taking this class with you.


From Nicola B

Thank you both for such a brilliant class ! Only gripe I have is that the products you have over there in the USA are amazing ! Harder to track down here,but I think people are finally clocking on to the Golden range !! oxo


From Sharyn

Julie, this class has been awesome! I have watched some of the videos twice and may go back again. I am a beginner to art. I am a retired teacher and my husband encouraged me to try some mixed media collage. I love it! I will try to take a pic of two pieces I did after your class. I hope you offer more workshops in this area! Thanks!!


From Mary P

Great! Thanks so much Julie. You guys have my head swarming with ideas for collage now! I may join Layer Love too!


From Holly D

Yes, I think you and Julie have created a wonderful way to teach collage. You have taught me to see and approach my art in different ways - THAT is fantastic. Thank you!


From Willy A

Thanks for this super class!


From Pat P

Thanks Chris and Julie for a great class. Hope there are more to come!


From Bevsah

I have just begun this class and I am already hooked.


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