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Julie PrichardComment

Here are what some of our students are saying about the online workshop, "Color: Beyond the Basics":

From Addee:

Must say this. I LOOOOVE this workshop as much as the other one Im taking, 'Chaos and Calm' !!
I suspect I will be signing up for all of the other ones offered!! Thanks for a terrific amount of helpful information on this workshop Julie and Chris! :o)


From Sandy:

Oh my, Julie. I wasn't in a position to paint yesterday so I sat and read through all the color lessons and watched a few more of the videos. Can I just say that I am blown away by the amount of material and the level of help you and Chris put into this? Wow! For a newbie just picking up a paintbrush for the first time these classes are just what I needed. I may have to go ahead and sign up for the Complex Collage one too so all this info can stew together. Thank you so much for making the videos and for making your instruction so affordable. More money left to buy paint!

From Anita V:

Wow! This is just what I need to do! Have been thinking about it for a long time since I have different types of paint and it would be nice not to have "surprises" when I'm using them for my art projects...I had no clue how to go about doing it though...what a great way to get me organized creatively! Thanks so much! Hugs to both Julie and Chris


From Gabrielle

Your videos and instructions are so clear and easy to follow, I love that about these classes!!


From Sija

Your videos and instructions are very clear. Can't wait to start my own library. Thank so far Julie and Chris!


From Laurie (About the PDF)

Agree!! this is beautiful and helpful... thanks for the work put into this!


From Marie E (About the PDF)

What a beautiful presentation, and so useful. This is worth the cost of the class. Thanks from me too.


From Judy S

BRAVO...Chris and Julie!! (standing and applauding). Thank you so much for loads of information you have given us.. what a great ride! Lots of work that is greatly appreciated.


From Nona M

Thank you so much Julie and Chris for this wonderful class. I have enjoyed it very much and still do experimenting new techniques and paint colors I had never used before. (Micaceous Iron Oxide, Iridescent Bronze).It has helped me look at colors in a different way!


From Kim

Thank you so much Julie and Chris for a great class! Lots of useful information to use in all my painting projects. Had a great time and looking forward to the next class.


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