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Julie PrichardComment

Here's what some of our students have to say about the "Chaos and Calm" online mixed media workshop:

From Dian L

Once again, you and Julie have put together a class full of new ideas, techniques & wisdom. Standing O!


From Mary P

Wow....I loved this lesson....I'm watching videos first and then going back to complete the lessons...just my style of learning....I can hardly keep up with all 3 classes, so glad they are always here for us at anytime to view...my 3 a.m. insomnia is no longer so boring! Chris and Julie, a huge thank you to both of you for awakening the artist within me that has been screaming to get out for 50 years:)) I have finally found my niche:) I only wish I could paint all day, everyday....

From Cat E.

You truly made my day, thank you for that!
I am totally jazzed about this class & am looking forward to the next adventure, you are both such wonderful inspirations!!!

From Janice S.

I just found you yesterday I believe through a sidebar ad on Facebook and began the Calm and Chaos workshop this evening. I'm fairly new to art and creating and have been practicing mostly portraits and mixed media. I am loving this class so far and know I am going to learn so much. I did three lessons in one evening and if I didn't need to let stuff dry, I'd probably be on to the next video. I'm so happy to be here.


From Cynthia S.

I am hap, hap, happy to be here. The class samples are amazing, the colors just luminous. Hello to my old classmates and welcome to my new ones. If you are new here, what a treat you have in store with these teachers and the room full of sharing students.


From Teri F.

I'm in love with your classes Julie and Chris. Lots on my agenda this summer but I couldn't pass this up. I'm looking forward to the class!


From Paula S.

O.M.G. O.M.G. O.M.G.
You guys have my creative mojo on FIRE !!!!! I'm still stuck in lesson #3 hell. Guess it is time to set those aside and move on so I can catch up !!!!!
This lesson really speaks to me, but then Chris, you already knew that, you stinker!!!!!! Holy Cow.
How am I supposed to sit here at my desk and look like a mild mannered Director of Human Resources when all I want to do is run home and PAINT !!


From Kate L.

Oh wow, Julie. I can't tell you how exciting it has been watching this painting emerge. When I first saw the finished piece at the beginning of this course, I fell in love with the 'Flower' one; lo and behold it first started out as a load of drips! Very inspiring. I can't wait to get lessons 5-11 finished so I can start doing a Drip Painting.


From Rebecca L.

Love, love the lessons. I'm running behind, but am reading and watching it all. Have a big party in two weeks with lots of out of town guests - not as much time for painting as I would like, but want you two to know how great the lessons are. I fall asleep thinking about my paintings and all the new techniques! Work to follow soon.

From Carol S.

I've reached the last lesson and the ride has had its ups and downs but WOW what a trip!  Thanks to both of you...what fantastic teachers you are.  I wish we both resided on the same side of the country because I would be signing up for every class you taught.  Thanks for all of your input and encouragement...I've learned more in this class than I ever did in a semester in collage!  And I think you'll agree that I've finally GOT the abstract thing down...finally!  Thanks again and now to the artwork that I did for MY bedroom!

If you have taken our class and would like to leave a comment, feel free! 

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