About the Online Workshop Business

About the Online Workshop Business
From the “Atmosphere” collection. Mixed media with resin.  Available here .

From the “Atmosphere” collection. Mixed media with resin. Available here.

You guys…. I set out in 2009 to create online video teaching content that would mirror anything I could teach in person. At the time, I had an infant daughter and it was impossible for me to get away and teach weekends, evenings, whenever. And people kept asking me to teach…

Back then, I rigged up a single camcorder and dubbed audio over myself painting. That content is still available in my course catalogue today! I wanted to make sure that I taught timeless, technical information that would never go out of style. When I started seeing other online artists come on and limit registration dates and limit their teaching availability, I knew I had to do better. Our content began to get so popular, that we caught the attention of our book publisher, and they contacted us to write a book on the classes that we had already published. Acrylic Solutions was born. That was a proud moment. If it wasn’t for teaching online, the publisher would have never found us.

The last few years, I have added camera angles (I get irritated now when I see instructors only show their hands through the videos…you see my face, see my expression and hopefully stay entertained throughout the entire workshop), my video editing skills have greatly improved, the audio is live and creating content for you has kept being the main source of my inspiration. I’ve been able to respond to the load of feedback that I have received from my students over the years and expand on their ideas and troubleshoot with almost any situation. The classes will run through my lifetime.. The video is beautiful HD video that you should be able to play on your television with the right equipment, and the handouts (where applicable) are beautiful and book-like.

I’m here to answer questions for you. I understand that some of you may have a bad taste in your mouth about sharing on facebook these days, so I am now available by email to answer your questions…every day. (Except holidays.) I can take your photos, mark them up to show examples and send them back to you…I provide all that.

High priced workshops turn me off… my prices have increased over the years that I have been hosting, but so have my technology costs.. you’re still getting an outstanding value with me…I’m pretty darn sure of it,

People often asks me which class should I take first? In the beginning, we shot “Color: Beyond the Basics”, to teach people everything there was to know about paint and mediums.. The expense of getting started with Professional Acrylic paints is expensive and I felt strongly about teaching people how to use them properly so they were not wasted in a muddy mess…. Subsequent classes are topic based.. all classes are suitable for newbies and advanced students.. Simply cruise the online workshop catalogue and see what class samples you like best..check out the promotional video at the end of each description and order when you’re ready.

I think artists are getting their shot at selling and being discovered online now more than ever.. If making great mixed media art has been on your radar, there is no better time than the present to invest in yourself.