Mood: Colorful

Hi Everyone! I’ve been feverishly painting and making new art…but I have been forgetting to let you know about it! The gloomy, overcast days in San Diego have been encouraging brightly colored art from me…go figure!

“ Lipstick Jungle ” 30x30x2 Wood panel.

Lipstick Jungle” 30x30x2 Wood panel.

This is a beauty…. click on the image to learn more.

This is a beauty…. click on the image to learn more.

I purchased a couple of 30x30 by TWO massive gallery wood panels a year or so ago, and then hurt my shoulder… painting on the wood panels takes a lot of elbow grease and I was unable to paint them for a long time.. I’m kind of happy I waited because my work has evolved..and I feel I wouldn’t have been as happy with them now as I would have been then…if that makes sense.

I shot the picture above in my living room…no smoke and mirrors, no digital manipulation…just showing you ideas on where you can use a pop of color in an everyday situation.

An interesting set of circumstances seems to be happening over on instagram…more and more users are reposting images in their own feeds…I guess so they can emulate gallery curators…. so essentially, my art (or anyone else’s for that matter) is generating likes and visits to their feeds…I am not sure how I feel about this. If my art where to be published in a magazine, I would receive compensation.. There are galleries showing my work to their collectors…and I am fine with that…but to the hobbyist who is just reposting images all day? What do you guys think about this?

Have to run, literally…my apple watch is closing out the month today and I have about 3 more miles to go so that I can win the badge for May.. See you soon!