I'm on the Phone

I was asked to bring in a couple of 40x40 inch paintings to a gallery in Laguna Beach… with the frozen shoulder and the perpetual wrist paint, I didn’t think I could do it…plus, I had to complete them in 2 weeks. I let negative thoughts about the project cloud my judgement…but I set up and got the job done.

I feel like I work the best under these sort of self-imposed, pressure situations. Meet one of my newest pieces:

“I’m on the Phone” 40x40x1.5” Gallery Canvas,  available here ,

“I’m on the Phone” 40x40x1.5” Gallery Canvas, available here,

It was so weird when I was painting this one.. I felt like I could feel the neurons in my brain firing.. I was energized and I kept saying, “I think something is going on with my brain”.. and I think that excitement and that energy shows here…if you get a chance, swing by the Five 3 Gallery in Laguna Beach to see this one in person.. the show will be up through the end of May. Stop in and tell them, “Julie sent ya”.

Thanks everyone.