Article below the painting.

EDIT: SOLD “Nonchalant” New mixed media original painting by Julie Prichard.

EDIT: SOLD “Nonchalant” New mixed media original painting by Julie Prichard.

I’m supposed to be at a tennis tournament right now. There are so many tournaments. I felt tired this morning, so I broke our usual protocol and will try and head over to the tournament later this morning, after some exercise and a little work.

I feel a wave of personal growth…it’s exciting. I feel that I am learning and growing, and trying so hard to be better every day than the day before. I feel good.. most of the pain has left my arm, although I still don’t have range of motion…but I am working on that.. and I feel a big change in my artistic work as well.

I completed this painting earlier in the’s a new palette, a new direction all together and it is getting some pretty nice feedback from all my instagram friends already. I broke out some oil sticks out of the archives and was able to get them into this one.. I like the feel. They delay my process, but oil sticks may be something I reach for a little more.

General conversation last week led me to a local art shipper who will pack, insure and ship my art professionally for a reasonable extra charge. I think its worth it to be able to deliver exceptionally packed art to my collectors…and to get rid of the shipping department that has taken over my garage. I always end up eating some of the shipping expense with every sale because I never have just the right box… hopefully now that I have started a relationship with the local business, I can get rid of that headache.

Happy weekend..thank you for stopping by today.

Don’t forget! You can see more images of this painting here…. AND…the online workshops are discounted now! You can see the collection here.