Where do I Start?

A comment that I get a ton my instagram feed and in my DM’s is that the colors in my paintings are so bright and dynamic.. do I teach workshops?

When I first started writing online workshops, I honed onto a few topics with Chris Cozen that I thought every single painter should have under their belts. The absolute first class we ever wrote is called, “Color: Beyond the Basics”..and it is a power house of a class for sure. Hands down, when anyone asks me which class do I take first, “Color: Beyond the Basics” is my answer.

I think a lot of people think that we wrote a “color theory” class.. partially true, but I think the most valuable part of this workshop is how to correctly use your paint, how each type of color reacts with the colors you mix with it and all about a load of different mediums that you may have in your collection and have never known what to do with. We wrote specific exercises and show examples of how to mix color, how you can learn to mix color and avoid making mud…your art can have vibrant color too!

So, if you’re looking at your art and you feel like your paint can be working harder for you, then give this class a look over. You can read more about it here. It’s a HUGE workshop with loads of exercises and a massive PDF download.

Original Painting, by artist and author, Julie Prichard.

Original Painting, by artist and author, Julie Prichard.