Lemons and Lipgloss

I am writing this while seated on a tennis court. I had good news from my surgeon yesterday.. No surgery needed to fix my arm. I’ve been in so much pain.. but thankfully now, he thinks I’ll be back to playing tennis within 6 months. THAT makes me feel happy.. like this painting.


“Lipgloss and Lemon Pie”… takes me back to childhood memories of lip smackers and the occasional piece of lemon cheesecake.. I can SMELL this painting in my mind. This original artwork is 11x14” so don’t tell me you ran out of space. 😊 It’s the perfect price point to start or add to your collection too. Click here for more info.

We’ve got a couple of tennis tournaments the next two weekends for Kate… I’ll be somewhere near by.. not watching, just letting her do her thing.

Thanks for stopping by to see me today!