Rio, you say?

Rio, you say?

I’m painting a lot these and there (like I think it should be).. my arm is still wrecked (you can read that saga here in case you missed it), so I am limited to smaller canvases…while large 30x30” panels taunt me from the corner where they are patiently sitting.

I am taking time to get loose….explore new colors… actually listen to the “Chris Cozen” voice that plays in my head when I paint. (Does that happen to you? Coincidentally, I also hear Martha Stewart coaching me while I bake.) And….I want to film some classes. The ideas are here…they are here.

NEW! “Take Me to Rio” on sale for a few days.  Click here .

NEW! “Take Me to Rio” on sale for a few days. Click here.

Another painting milestone…it doesn’t happen easily…but feeling loose…building confidence….all happening nicely over here in Julie Town… Hope you like the last few paintings I have posted. I’m having a ball. Wish you were here.