Artist Thoughts: Cocktail Attire Required

Artist Thoughts: Cocktail Attire Required

I have decided to share my thoughts periodically on some of the originals that I have in my shop. Posting measurements, product details and pricing makes my brain tighten up, so rather than the brief descriptions that are available with each painting, I wanted to sort of curate in a larger musing here. I hope you enjoy.

Cocktail Attaire.jpg

Pictured above is my painting, "Cocktail Attire Required". It's a 16x16x1.5" painting perfect for small's painted on a cradled wood panel.

"Cocktail Attire Required" is sort of a sarcastic nod to the invitations we receive... they are the sort of invitations that I have anxiety over, because I don't own any cocktail clothing anymore.. If I were to receive an invitation like this, I would stress myself with so much consideration over my outfit . I know it, I know it would be agonizing. I'd pull it off (so to speak) and certainly would notice that once at the party, many guests would probably dress much more comfortably and relaxed.

This painting has the formality of pinstriping on the bottom edge, with a haphazard line of metallic gold. You know the type- it's gold, but it is not stuffy. Layers of stripes play off the pin-striping. The dark upper half has flashes of royal blue which appear to almost be floating in the darkness.

It's my anxiety put into paint. I worry and over-worry and then things work out ok. When I am not hopped up on anxiety, I think that there is nothing I cannot solve. In the blink of an eye, those feelings disappear and are replaced with this sort of organized chaos that I have become accustomed to after all these years. All that in this painting!

Tune in again soon....I'm going to try to explain another one. :)