Finally New Art!

I've been here all along, thining about painting, just unable to do it. Here is the first painting I have completed in a long time:

"Illuminate" - 16x16x1.5" Available

"Illuminate" - 16x16x1.5" Available

So many layers, grunge, depth...all the things you love..and it's so bright and yellow! If you're looking for a "pop" of color...this might be the right painting for you! You can see more images of "Illuminate" by clicking here.

The arm was so painful after I worked on this for a few hours last week... I finally got the doctor to agree something might be going on here (after 14 months already) and he agreed to request an MRI for me.. I get to go to that this week... I am hopefull the results will shed some light on what is happening.

Hope this summer is treating you well! You may have noticed a reduction in my newsletters and blog posts.. I am over on Instagram several times a week... you should look for me over there if you are missing your daily dose of "Julie"..I'd sure like to hear from you :)

Thank you for stopping by! Oh... I almost forgot! All online mixed media workshops are OPEN daily!! You can click here to see the current class line up.