About Tutorials

I'm the type of person who has an idea of how I want to do something always.... but self doubt leads me down the rabbit hole of the internet looking at tutorials and patterns.. Before you know it, I have zoned in on a target tutorial, only to find it "a bust".

sewn pillows totorial.jpg

We are replacing the sectional in our living room after many many years and I couldn't afford an array of decorative pillows to add to it. Quick trip to the fabric store, and I was able to buy supplies to make my own pillows for about $13/pillow! Can't beat that.. (I re-used the pillow forms from the previous couch and changed the covers.)

I whipped up a pillow using the tutorial I liked in theory, but I was unhappy with the result. I found that the tutorial had a few un-necessary steps and I didn't like where the zipper was positioned. When I made a few changes to the tutorial, the job was finished quicker and the final product looked a lot better! Yay!

hidden zipper pillows.jpg

I'm not an amateur sewer, but I don't understand the extra steps that were written into the tutorial I was following.. That's kind of the story of my life and how I create. I want to make the best possible product, using as few of steps as I can. Having said that, in my classes, you can always take the process and make it your own..... in fact that IS encouraged!

You can click here to see the class line up. I hope to see you this summer.