On the Verge of Something Good...

On the Verge of Something Good...

According to my horoscope, as I approach my new solar year, some new and exciting doors will open to me. This is a time for reflection and Venus will be helping me figure out what to shop for during the new year. I have a free app that I check in with on my phone every once in a while when things seem tough...that's about the extent of my horoscope knowledge... I have no idea what Venus is doing or what that even means...but if Venus is here to help, I'll take the help.

Last year was very difficult... I have discovered a lot about myself... I am figuring out what makes Julie most happy and I am spending time doing just that. Unfortunately, I have also been in a lot of pain (wrist) and because of that injury, I feel that I am now in the best shape of my life... which is a nice feeling for sure... I am committed to proper diet and exercise...all in the name of staying healthy and fit. My wrist is going to be healed sooner than later...what a long road it has been.

navy blue mixed media painting.jpg

Incidentally, I am spending more and more hours on a tennis court with my daughter's practice... I feel a sense of urgency to grab every spare minute I can come up with to work ideas out on my iPad and even to write to you.... so I really appreciate that you are taking the time to read this...there are not many more of you left out there...and I appreciate you so much.

Cheers to everyone having new and exciting doors open in their solar calendars!