Stir things up..

I'm having some creative differences with myself... some sort of artistic ADD... self-doubt...feelings of going back to my gemology job... and to shake those feelings off and get back into my happy place, I am going to try some different things this weekend. Small projects...different surfaces....different products... I want to re-visit processes I experienced a long time ago... get back into it (so to speak)..

"Pixels and Paint" - online mixed media photography workshop class sample.

"Pixels and Paint" - online mixed media photography workshop class sample.

Want to play a game this weekend? Do something you DON'T usually do this weekend... imagine you are "Opposite (insert your name here)". I'd LOVE to know what you come up with!

I LOVED receiving this email earlier this month:

Message: I bought the Pixels and Paint Workshop years ago, and I've hung on the PDF and the old password, yet I've not actually ever done the course! I've continued with photography and graphic design and have completely avoiding the art that has been calling to me for so long - mixed media. I'm finally trying to do something about it. Life is short. You're inspiring. Thanks, Julie.

No....Thank YOU so much for writing!!!!

Have a great weekend! More tennis tournament for the girl...wish us luck!

PS- remember when my daughter was born? Yah....she's 5' 6" now...wearing a size 10 ladies shoe. {shock!}