Take a Mixed Media Workshop...at home!

Julie Prichard, here….here today to clear up any misconceptions you have about learning how to paint online..well, painting online with ME. Read below:

I offer professionally edited videos…classes of late will have more than one camera angle too- one pointed at my work, and the other pointed at me, so that you don’t have to listen to floating hands teach you how to make art. I like being able to talk to my students this way because I think (as humans) it’s easier to learn while watching someone use their hands, facial expressions and inflection together. Plus, it keeps the video content interesting.

About the editing, I edit out the repetitive stuff. I don’t like charging students for things that I showed you how to do in lesson one, for example.. I cut it out and refer to it if needed… I could easily run my video end to end and announce to customers that I am launching big “studio session 14 hour classes”… but you don’t need all the dead air.

There is not going to be any feel good, relaxation mantra, bonus material. You’re going to get instruction on how to make the class samples as pictured. You can copy and paint along with me…or you can watch the video and interpret and material your own way. You can build your skill set and combine classes to make your own hybrid type of painting style! That part is very exciting to me.

I’m here for you, boo. You get a private Facebook group with every class you purchase. It’s optional.. you can come in a socialize with other students, AND JULIE. Yep..I’m in there every day to check on you. If you need to talk or have a question, please come and find me there. (On holidays I try to stay offline….the family, you know.)

Many of the classes come with a special handout that has a class summary, supply list, helpful tips and other stuff that you get immediately sent to you when you purchase a class. A lot of students find it helpful to print the handout, put it in a binder and refer to it while watching the videos. (See the class description to see if the class you are interested in comes with a handout.) In fact, our book publisher caught wind of one of our handouts and that is how Chris Cozen and I wrangled our book deal! (We wrote the book, “Acrylic Solutions”, currently available on Amazon.)

Here is what I think is the best part about learning with Julie: THERE ARE NO TIME LIMITS. All you are responsible for is saving your link and password. I am running classes that I started teaching way back in 2009…and there are students in them! I get emailed daily with students asking this.. It’s true.. I really do want to hear from you..whenever you are ready to make art! There are classes that I stop selling periodically…but you can still access them if you are enrolled in them! So many students email me and let me see the art they have been making, and that THEY ARE SELLING! I super love that.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions…or if you’ve taken a class with me… I’d love to hear with you and continue the dialogue there. If you want to take a look at what I have been up to, please follow this link to the online workshop course catalogue.

(Did you know that many of the class samples are for sale? You can look through my current art offerings here.)