Cyber Monday Starts Now

…well…it actually started last Thursday for my customers, but in case you are just tuning in, I want to let you know that I am running a sale on all online workshops. I have not been running sales on workshops very much this year, so if you’ve been thinking about purchasing, now is the time to do it.

Did you know that when you take a workshop from Julie Prichard, you get unlimited access? Did you know that once your purchase is complete, you are emailed a link to a nice and tidy package containing your password, login links and other class info? Did you know that if you purchase a workshop today, you can watch the videos an unlimited amount of times, in your home, and paint whenever you want? My workshops do not expire! Everything is shot in glorious HD video, the video can play on your phone, on your tablet, on your desktop….in Starbucks…in the backyard…anywhere you have a high speed wifi connection!

I am a Small Business Owner pouring my heart and soul into everything I do….got a question? You’re going to talk to me…not a holiday temporary hire. Every single customer matters to me. So what are you waiting for? Here is the link to my newest workshop. It’s called, “Composition Collective”.. you can paint up to 4 paintings with me start to finish. This workshop is for YOU if you ever step back…look at your art and think, “This doesn’t feel right…what do I do?” Ima teach you how to easily address a bunch of composition issues in your art! If that class doesn’t suit your fancy, click here to see my entire, action packed, course catalogue. See you in class! (Sale prices are through Monday night only.)

Julie Prichard, seated in the only clean corner of her house in San Diego, CA.

Julie Prichard, seated in the only clean corner of her house in San Diego, CA.

Here’s why I do it:

Kate 2018 10.jpg

That’s my girl…. my only child… every day…EVERY day, she finished school and heads about 20 miles west of our house to play tennis for 3-4 hours. She is maintaining a 4.0 GPA and progressing really nicely with her tennis game! Why don’t I teach classes around the country? That’s why. :) Your purchases help me help HER reach her goals. <3