Small Business is my Business

I’ve got all of my online mixed media workshops on sale this weekend…. lumping together all of the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday deals you can shake a stick at. I feel like I’m lost a little, truth be hold…. Black Friday used to only be on Friday…seems to me that it started on last Monday this year. A whole week of Black Friday… Hopefully you’ve got some more shopping to do for Small Business Saturday!

Julie Prichard teaches mixed media art online.

Julie Prichard teaches mixed media art online.

I think this year I have accomplished some sizable growth in my painting… which means the classes that I shot also show that growth. Things seem a lot easier to me now than they did 8-9 years ago I think. I feel confident that this comes though in my work. Since I photograph all of my art to show you guys, it’s easy for me to see my progress over the years.

I received an email from a student last week. She asked me if it was ok if she sold the paintings that she made in the workshops I teach…the answer is yes! I hope that all of you can experience the joy of being able to sell a painting here and there… some of my students have made a nice stream of income selling their art! If you are selling your paintings, please let me know where so I can take a look…I love being able to see what you’re up to.

Thanks for checking in with me today…I hope to see you again soon!