The Process

Painting begins with a color palette idea.. for me, a desire to explore with that try and harness inspiration as it has presented itself to me. As an abstract artist, I do not begin with a composition in mind. My process is very organic.

An old journal page, NFS.

An old journal page, NFS.

I usually begin by loosely painting background prep onto the substrate. What follows are many layers of marks, paint, more marks, more paint.. My experience lends me the ability to be able to know how to arrange all of those layers and marks into a pleasing composition.. no two paintings are ever alike. Throughout the painting, I add and remove parts of layers until I am happy with the result. These actions can be repeated for many days until I am happy with the result. Once the paint is down, I let it rest and then once I am sure that the composition is finished, I add varnish as a final step.

I know that many artists work in a sketchbook or on paper.. I do not. While I enjoyed the process of art journaling over the course of the years, It is extremely difficult for me to replicate things that happen in my journal onto a canvas… I’ll never understand why.

Feeling comfortable in your own process is the most valuable lesson I have learned. Knowing that the painting does not have to be finished until I say it is finished is a great feeling.

If everyone’s process is different, why take online workshops? Because the practice of painting will help you develop your own process….and that is something that I would love to help you with.

Got any processes you would like to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments.