Meet the Artist

It’s been a minute, how are you?

The artist at home with her trusty sidekick, Chewie (age 4).

The artist at home with her trusty sidekick, Chewie (age 4).

I paint in wild, bursts. I stay up late, get up early and dream about the next steps I am going to take. I am obsessed with classics.. classic fashions, classic decor…kind of like a minimalist, contemporary, sleek design.. My mom decorated our house this way when I was little, always warning me of trends and things that would not stand the test of time.

I shake things up a little by adding a little metallic gold or silver here and there.. I love how the paintings mostly look worn, like they have been here for a long time. The lines made with paint, charcoal or color, represent the lines I see inside a microscope… in natural rock formations, inside diamonds.. getting to see inside the microscope fascinates me…. I always want to know what identifies something….what makes it unique.

The creative busts last a couple of weeks, and then I feel depleted…I recover, go back to reading and learning…. I like to call it the research phase. Hopefully…growing a little after each session.

Truths about Julie- I almost always am wearing sneakers and athletic clothing… I’m pretty active and don’t like wearing pants or “shoes”. I should be wearing a large arm brace in that photo… that is about the only clean corner in my house.. the remainder is strewn with paintings, dog toys and dust bunnies.

Mixedmedia Artist Working Mom.jpg

Painting and teaching to support this girl…she’s 12, and playing tennis daily now in San Diego…usually about 3-4 hours after school. So proud of her players record… proud of her totally. When we started playing, we hit about 3 hours every week.. that was about when she was 6 years old. I’m clocking a load of miles back and forth to the tennis club and a load of hours sitting in my car these days…but you can always reach me here…or online…. so happy to be able to provide that service to my students.

If you would like to consider adding a beautiful, classic painting to your home, please click here to see the collection. Maybe you want to make you’re own? I can teach you to do that here too.