We Believe....

We believe in the highest quality online workshop content. We believe in EXTREME value for your buck. We believe in DAILY instructor support with no BS. We believe in high quality HD videos that are professionally edited. We believe in PROFESSIONAL course instruction. We believe in "non-trend" content that you can build upon. We believe in no-time limits, we believe in unlimited playbacks. We believe in ourselves. We believe in YOU.

The internet is loaded with free online workshops...frankly, the internet is loaded with a lot of free junk. We will not offer our workshops for free. BUT...for a limited time, I would like to let you know that I am rolling back the price of our first workshop....written and produced in 2009... to the 2009 price! 

Chris Cozen (Golden Working Artist) is a former educator, I am a scientist. Our workshops tell you the HOW and the WHY...that's how I learn best..and I think you can too.

Enjoy "Color: Beyond the Basics" for only $39.99....

If you want something lighter, enjoy "Mixed Media Vacation" for the same price. (For a limited time only.)

I STILL have students who purchased workshops in 2009...they pop in every once in a while, re-watch....ask questions and share.... that is freaking awesome to me.

Come on in...let's paint.

Image by Julie Prichard for the best selling book,  "Acrylic Solutions".

Image by Julie Prichard for the best selling book, "Acrylic Solutions".