Now THAT was exciting..

I don't often get the chance to be able to teach someone to paint in person.. but this week my schedule aligned with the availability of a client and we spent 2.5 hours in the studio learning the ins and outs of acrylic paint! I LOVE teaching people how to manipulate acrylic paint and it...and I STILL get excited when I hear from online students by way of our facebook groups. Makes me warm and fuzzy.

Elizabeth learning about blending, glazing... AND  how and when to use various acrylic mediums and techniques.

Elizabeth learning about blending, glazing...AND how and when to use various acrylic mediums and techniques.

The mega sale on "Color: Beyond the Basics" (which is what my client learned in the studio with me) ends Sunday morning! You won't want to miss it..I find the information in that class invaluable. Click here to grab it before it returns to its regular price of $89.99 (it's only $39.99 now!!) Valuable valuable practices and information in that class, you guys.

Also- "Mixed Media Vacation" is on sale for $39.99! It's a faster paced online mixed media workshop with fun projects dealing with inks, yup, some paint, a hodge podge of inspiration.. click here to see the info on that class.

In other news, my son got a haircut yesterday:

Chewis had a haircut.jpg