I was reading earlier this week that super-talent, Pharrell Williams, attributes his youthful appearance to his exfoliation routine. He was quoted as saying that he exfoliates his skin like crazy. The article got me thinking..I should exfoliate more too.

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

Cleaning off the dead to reveal fresh new things..I have been focusing on that across my social media channels all summer. I've beefed up my Instagram presence, engaged more over there (It is SO easy!) and earlier this week, you may have noticed the fresh new landing page on this website.

When I earned Squarespace Circle Member Status last year, it gave me access to some newsletters and community discussion forums for branding and site traffic that I am enjoying reading through every few days. No matter how much you know about websites, there is always something changing..and something different to take into consideration..I like that I can stay on track and meet other members who may be facing the same issues.

Anyway... I'm off to exfoliate some more...thanks for stopping in today, I hope you enjoy the new look!