Like a Satellite

I'm a nerd..totally entranced by the weather, the earth, rocks, plants.... I love all of it. I spend time staring into the sky and wondering why and how things are happening with the clouds..and the air...the atmosphere... The weather is the inspiration to my latest painting that I want to share with you... meet "Satellite".

"Satellite" 16x20 Available!  Click here  for more info.

"Satellite" 16x20 Available! Click here for more info.

Before I decided to become a gemologist, I was studying to be a geologist.. my passion was and still is rock formations, weather patterns...and their effect on the landscape.. the topic is totally fascinating to me...

I have a few different 16x20 paintings for sale, all which ship throughout the US very reasonably.. and I have been seeing mass produced print art selling for much more... how about starting an art collection today? I would be honored if you took a look at my artwork. Thank you for stopping by!