I'm Melting

Happy Summer...right? I supposed many of you have your favorite sweaters ready to go..maybe some cute boots...maybe even looking into some fall make-up looks...right? How nice for you. It is SWELTERING here....Summer is just beginning in San Diego..this week we are close to 100, and excessive heat warnings are all over the news.. I'm laying low.. getting some work done in the house. Like this painting:

"Melt", 16x20" SOLD- delivered to it's new home in Laguna Beach, CA.

"Melt", 16x20" SOLD- delivered to it's new home in Laguna Beach, CA.

It's always exciting to sell a painting....more exciting for me to get that sort of feedback on my newer paintings.. Since I changed my space from sitting desks to standing desks, I feel like painting is a lot easier to me. I've packed up my easel, that results in more room for me to move around.. I am looking into upgrading my video set-up again so that when the desire to film strikes, I can be ready. When Kate goes back to school, I often feel "super charged".. wondering if you feel that way too when your kids go back to school. I can get more things done, move at my own pace, stop and think..LOL...you know.


Speaking of Super-Charged...when was the last time you guys looked through the Ballard Designs catalogue? I'm talking specifically the wall art section... Those prices?! Those are for reproductions! I'm selling originals for much less... worth a look here.

If you're feeling like back to school too... use the code BACK2SCHOOL and take 10% off your online mixed media workshop or original art while you're here. Offer ends September 9.

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